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Privacy Statement TNO Research

TNO research sometimes works with participants or with data from people contained in files. In that case, personal data of these people is used. TNO ensures that this type of research is conducted in a responsible manner and in accordance with the privacy legislation.

Human Research

TNO research involving participants or data from people is called Human Research. TNO divides this research into three categories:

  1. Intervention research: a participant is asked to do something, for example to follow a certain diet or to use newly created equipment or technology.
  2. Observational research: people's behavior is examined, for example with questionnaires or via an interview.
  3. Research with data: existing data of individuals is researched or linked to develop new knowledge.

Human Research is internally reviewed for quality and the legal and ethical admissibility of the proposed research. If the research falls under the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act, this assessment takes place externally by a Medical Research Ethics Committee (MREC).


TNO always asks for consent from participants in Human Research unless this is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort. Participation is always voluntary and you can stop participating at any time. You can then also withdraw your consent for the use of your data. The researchers keep your data secret.

Sometimes it is not possible to ask for consent. This occurs in research with data. This data is pseudonymised, which means that the data can no longer be directly traced back to a person. TNO then has no contact details to request consent. It is always checked whether the data may be used for research.


TNO ensures that participants in Human Research are well informed about the research and the use of your data. This information is provided to the participants in the research. In any case, the participant information must state which data is used, for what purpose, whether the data is shared with others and how long the data is stored.

Storage limitation

TNO is legally obliged to keep research data. Research data is stored for a longer period of time in order to be able to check the research afterwards, but also to reuse the data for follow-up research. In general, a retention period of 10 years after completion of the research applies. The retention period that applies is stated in the participant information.

TNO Privacy Statement

In TNO's general privacy statement you will find more information about privacy protection within TNO, your privacy rights and the contact details of the data protection officer.


TNO Privacy statement

This page tells what TNO does with your personal data, how TNO protects it and how you can exercise your GDPR rights. Read more
TNO Privacy statement


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