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Frequently Asked Questions


Does TNO perform standard tests or analyses on consumer products or food?
For the most part TNO has stopped standard testing of consumer products, food and construction products. Some of this work is now being done by separate companies:

  • Triskelion, analysis of food and food safety testing
  • Efectis Nederland, covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modeling, certification, education and inspection
  • Tass International, a.o. testing of helmets, child seats, seatbelts
  • TÜV Nederland, testing of glass, paint, coatings, textiles

Does TNO do any CE-marking?
It is only possible to obtain CE-marking for some products in the building sector. General information about CE-marking can be found on

Can I achieve certification to ISO standards by TNO?
It is no longer possible to achieve ISO certification by TNO. The current ISO-certificate of TNO can be found on our website.

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TNO reports

How can I obtain a TNO report/publication?
To find a TNO report or publication please use our search engine or send an email to [email protected].

Where do I send a request for information with regard to the Law on transparency in Public administration (WOB)?
These requests, and other appeals and complaints, can be send to our legal department.

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Working at TNO

Where do I find information about vacancies, internships or traineeships?

Information about vacancies, internships or traineeships can be found on the career page of our website career.

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Where do I find information about the Press Office?
Journalists looking for more information about the work of TNO can contact our Press Office.

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I have a question for the accounts payable department, how can I contact them?

For questions regarding invoices you can contact the accounts payable department, +31 88 8666288 or send an email to [email protected].

I have a complaint, how can I file this?
Complaints and all other legal questions, requests and documents are to be sent directly to our Corporate Legal & Compliance department.

Does TNO do any sponsoring?
In principle TNO does not do any sponsoring as TNO is a nonprofit organization and does not have its own budget. Funds are made available to TNO by the government and other clients for investment in research and innovation.

Where do I find information about the TNO Pension fund?
The TNO Pension fund has its own website (in Dutch).

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Where do I find the addresses of the TNO-locations?

A list of all TNO locations can be found here.

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