Biorizon Annual Event 2017 focuses on opportunities in bio-aromatics

Antwerp, Belgium | Antwerp Engineering Company • 30 Nov 2017

For chemical companies who foresee opportunities in the production of bio-aromatics, for the third time the Biorizon Shared Research Center is holding an annual event. This time, the partners are doing this in cooperation with Watify, the awareness-raising campaign run by the European Commission. The Biorizon Annual Event 2017 is being held on Thursday 30 November in Antwerp.

In Biorizon TNO, VITO and ECN are developing technologies for the production of functionalised bio-aromatics and BTX.

At the annual event, large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and research institutions from across Europe will discuss the latest developments.

Keynote speaker: importance of bio-aromatics

All the chain partners will be in attendance: from companies making raw materials from biomass, such as sugars, lignin or heterogeneous waste streams, to chemical companies using aromatic compounds in their products, such as coatings, lubricants and plastics. The organisers are particularly proud to have the cooperation of keynote speaker Dr Guido Naberfeld, Senior Vice President of Covestro. Dr Naberfeld will explain why the emergence of bio-aromatics is so important to the chemical industry, and for Covestro in particular.

Latest research results

In addition, the participants will see presentations on the latest research results, such as the upscaling of the TNO Continuous Flow Diels-Alder Skid: a demonstrator that produces bio-aromatics from furfural. There will also be bilateral ‘matchmaking sessions’ in which participants of the Biorizon Annual Event can discuss the options for (further) cooperation and upscaling. And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to talk to companies, stakeholders and researchers.

Like to register?

All the companies and knowledge organisations participating in Biorizon are personally invited. Perhaps you have not received an invitation but are interested in the developments and in possible cooperation? If so, please register stating why you are keen to attend! The number of parties cooperating in Biorizon is ever growing. We look forward to meeting you too.



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