Improving human PK predictions at AAPS

San Diego | San Diego Convention Center • 12 Nov 2017

TNO will be present at this years AAPS Annual Meeting & Conference in San Diego. We will demonstrate how platforms like InTESTine (intestinal permeability), ex-vivo liver models and I-screen (microflora induced metabolism) will improve human PK predictions. We will also show our capabilities in the field of 3D printing of oral dosage forms as enabling technology.

At the AAPS we will present our in-vitro platforms predicting human PK. Besides our broad portfolio of transporter assays including PBPK modeling we will show how the InTESTine platform, using intestinal segments of pigs and human can be used to measure intestinal permeability as investigating the window of absorption.

TNO has access to intestinal segments of IBD patients which allows us to address the MOA of this disease. Microflora based metabolism can influence systemic exposure of the parent compound. Our I-screen platform can be used to investigate the presence of microflora induced metabolism in humans.

Within TNO we also offer support in accelerating and de-risking clinical development of small and large molecules via microdosing AMS. Within this approach molecules are labeled with 14C, dosed to human volunteers/patient and 14C labeled parent and/or metabolites are measured via AMS. Full data sets are generated already in Phase 1: AbsBA, MIST and Mass balance.

Furthermore we will show you our 3D printing technology for medication. With this technology medicines can be customized for specific groups of patients. TNO has expertise in using 3D printing to manufacture small and large batch sizes of tablets and other dosage forms.

Are you interested in accurate PK predictions, microdosing AMS and 3D printing of oral dosage forms? We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth 1819.

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