Meet TNO at Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcelona | Gran Via Venue • 14 Nov 2017 - 16 Nov 2017

TNO offers the city a set of tools and methodologies that helps cities to enhance the decision making and implementation of complex measures in the field of mobility and logistics.TNO demonstrates the fastest platform that visualizes effects (measures) of mobiliy in a city in a integral manner. Three tools are demonstrated Urban Strategy, a data based CO2 and Air Quality  reduction roadmapping methodology and our Relevance Filter.

One tool is a powerful platform to combat the traditional method, called Urban Strategy. This platform offers a complete package to balance the urban sustainable trinity that consists of Urban Planning, Environmental Quality and Transportation. Together with Urban Strategy, PTV Visum brings trusted multimodal modelling of the transport system with instantaneous calculation of the impacts on various environmental aspects. The combination of Urban Strategy and VISUM creates a unique, innovative and powerful decision-making platform.

Another tool is a data based CO2 and Air Quality reduction roadmapping methodology, enabling cities to decide, fact-based, what measures to take when. When to go for Electrical Buses and, but also when and how to use Zero emission zones and what to expect from MaaS.

A third tool we want to present is our Relevance Filter. This tool enables cities to detect what the effects are of measures at the beginning of implementing these measures compared to all events that take place.

If you are interested in a demonstration, please visit us on the Smart City Expo World Congress on 14 – 16 November in Barcelona, Gran Via Hall 3, Booth C301 or contact Nico Zornig.

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Urban Strategy is a calculation model for interactive planning that comprises two components: sophisticated software and TNO service, which assures you of expertise, reliability and independence. More information about Urban Strategy, click here.

Urban Strategy - TNO


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