Meet TNO at the PHD-Day

Oosterpoort, Groningen - The Netherlands • 22 Sep 2017

Are you a PhD-student and interested in how ICT, the internet of things and big data change the way we interact with the world? Join our workshop and speed-date sessions.

Workshop by TNO: smart anything

Digitalisation is the trend in many domains: smart industry, smart grid and smart farming. Connected infrastructures and ecosystems produce data that can be used to get better insights across organisations to enable faster, better and new ways of working. During the workshop Jeroen Broekhuijzen and Job Oostveen will present an overview of some of the research activities of TNO in this domain. We will also challenge you to think along in which form digitalization can change your domain.

Speed-date with TNO

You can speed-date with us. Visit the PhD-Day website for more information.


Industry: ‘Innovating for employment, welfare and well-being’

Dutch industry is world class. The country’s industrial sector, its suppliers and related services (including ICT) are an important component (80%) of its exports and create high-value employment. To... Read more
Our work

Flexigas: a smart biogas grid

The biogas chain produces, transports and uses biogas via a dynamic and complex system: the biogas grid. Key links in this biogas grid are biomass, digestion, reprocessing, storage, transport and use... Read more

Career: Join our team

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