Eindhoven | High Tech Conference Centre • 19 May 2017

PatentMatch is one big meeting centre where innovators and inventors can make contact with experts who are able to realize their concepts. With one main goal: to get useful contacts and knowledge, whereby more innovative concepts really can achieve the market.

On the PatentMatch program you’ll find: matchmaking, workshops, pitches, keynote speakers.

PatentMatch is intended for: innovative companies, designers, inventors, universities, government, service providers, technical consultancies, market experts, patent experts, lawyers, investors, crowdfunding platforms, …

Participating is possible as Founding Partner, Partner, Exposant or in giving a workshop. Surf for all opportunities to our website.

Dutch Technology Week 2017

PatentMatch takes place during the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) in Eindhoven. The Brainportregion is innovative and successful. Business, universities and government are working together in ‘the Brabant way’: with success as mutual goal, but with geniality, involvement and solidarity as a tool.


Visitors: €100,- per person VAT excluded, lunch and drinks included. Tickets are available at the website.


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