Save the date! Get to know TNO!

Stieltjesweg, Delft • 13 Oct 2017

On Friday October 13th 2017 TNO will be opening the doors of our location at the Stieltjesweg in Delft.

Stieltjesweg Delft

We will give you a unique insider view of what it’s like to work at TNO and you can experience what kind of organisation we are. Attending Get to know TNO means you will experience a widely varied programme, have conversations with TNO personnel, view interactive demos, make lab tours in our diverse labs, play serious games and attend inspiring presentations about our numerous innovations.

Our managing director Technical Sciences, Peter Werkhoven, will open the event in his own inspiring manner. He will tell you why he loves working at TNO and which challenges he faces every day.

If you are an ambitious student and you are pursuing one of the following studies, then keep your eye on this page and reserve October 13th in your calendar:

The programme will be particularly interesting for the studies mentioned above.

Get to know TNO may give you an insight on, among lots of other interesting and exciting stuff:

These are possible projects that will be featured at Get to know TNO.
Shortly we will publish the programme in detail along with the options for you to subscribe for the various parts of the programme.

See you on October 13th!

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