TNO-ESI symposium - 3 October 2017 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Auditorium, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands • 03 Oct 2017

Tuesday 3 October 2017 TNO-ESI will organise its annual symposium in Eindhoven. This year the symposium is centred on the theme "Managing complexity in embedded systems engineering".
Symposium 2016

TNO-ESI is a leading Dutch research group for high-tech embedded systems design and engineering. It has a close cooperation with high-tech industry, as well as a strong association with fundamental research of academia, both national and international. For the TNO-ESI symposium 2017 they succeeded once again in attracting representative speakers from the ESI network: Paul Hilkens, VP R&D of Océ and Dinesh Verma, Executive Director of SERC.

The programme is centred on the theme: "Managing complexity in embedded systems engineering". You can participate in the following parallel sessions and workshops:
S1 The fuzzy front end of product development
S2 Open source software for product development
S3 Security: impact on connected systems
S4 Interplay of data and knowledge in system analysis
S5 The future of learning in high-tech industry
S6 System architecting of complex systems

W1 Interactive workshop on domain specific languages (DSLs)
W2 Interactive workshop on performance architecting and engineering

There will be plenty of networking opportunities at the innovation market. TNO-ESI invites you to register for the event (free of charge).

More information and registration form

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Embedded Systems Innovation (ESI)

TNO-ESI is a research group that focuses on design and engineering of high-tech embedded systems. Its extensive research programme aims to advance high-tech industry in improving lead-time and effectiveness... Read more
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