TNO, Wageningen University & Research and TRISKELION team-up at FI Europe 2017 in Frankfurt

Messe, Frankfurt (Hall 8.0 – stand #0F51) • 28 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017

“Research for healthy life”

Join us on 28 - 30 November 2017 to be part of the leading global meeting place for food and beverage innovation. The Dutch research institutes Triskelion, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (part of Wageningen University & Research) and TNO are joining the show together showcasing and demonstrating their innovative solutions in the area of “Research for healthy life”. Visit us at stand #08.0F51 or make an appointment upfront.


3D food printing

TNO and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research will expose their unique 3D food printing technologies. During the show a full operational 3D food printer will demonstrate how we can help you to create new food products with unique quality aspects that can be fully personalised. It can make tangible contributions to people’s health and sustainable production in the future. TNO and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research combine their expertise in 3D printing technology with food science to create ultra-modern technology for the production of new foods.

Personalised Nutrition & Health

Furthermore, an initiative of TNO and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research regarding Personalised Nutrition & Health will be showcased. The aim of this consortium project is researching the technology and knowledge needed to make personalised food and health advice possible on a large scale. Consumers would then be able to decide for themselves what is healthy for them, while companies can add new value and help society to become a little healthier. This pre-competitive public private consortium is unique in combining different scientific expertise and using real world field labs. During the pre-event summit, Nard Clabbers will present this consortium project that investigates technical and social innovations to enable personalized nutrition through consumer empowerment.

TIM model

TRISKELION will show their newest version of the world famous TIM models which simulates the gastro-intestinal tract. In current nutritional research, there is a growing need for reliable in vitro predictive tools, as alternative to animal studies, to reduce the failure rate of the expensive and time-consuming human studies. The TIM systems contribute to an efficient product development by selecting the most promising candidate aimed for selected consumer populations (adult, children, elderly and healthy or disease). As one of many applications Triskelion will highlight how to determine protein digestion (DIAAAS) with the TIM model. Furthermore Triskelion will launch its newly developed and validated breakthrough quantitative LC-MS method for the species-specific determination of gelatin. The so-called TrustGelTM method reliably detects porcine and bovine constituents in gelatin with a high sensitivity.

Daily speakers corner @Fi Europe 2017 in Frankfurt

The Dutch research institutes TNO, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (part of Wageningen University & Research) and Triskelion are joining the Fi Europe 2017 in Frankfurt together showcasing and demonstrating their innovative solutions towards healthy living.

In daily sessions in the "Speakers Corner" at their booth in Hall 8.0 – stand #0F51 the 3 organisations will present their latest development in the area of “Research for healthy life”. Every 60 minutes, another exciting showcase will be presented.

Starting time



Summary of the talk


3D Food Printing

TNO – Daniel van der Linden

TNO’s most recent results are shared in this emerging field and also share new project initiatives TNO and WUR will be launching shortly.


Personalised Nutrition & Health

WFBR –  Liesbeth Luijendijk

How TNO and WUR research the technology and knowledge to make personalised food & health advice possible on large scale.



Triskelion – Nicolette Pouw

The dynamic in vitro TIM model is explained as a powerful and validated tool to study (novel) protein digestion and quality (DIAAS) for both adults and infants.



TNO – Valeria Agamennone

TNO will explain the unique possibilities of their i-screen platform to assess the effects of ingredients and nutrients on the gut microflora and thus gut health.



Triskelion –  Martin Ham

Triskelion’s newly developed and validated breakthrough quantitative LC-MS method for the species-specific determination of gelatin. 


Healthy product composition

TNO/WFBR – Joost Blankestijn

During the talk it is explained how you can join our unique consortium aiming to develop breakthrough reformulation solutions and consumer acceptance and behaviour.

Meet us

TRISKELION is dedicated to assist you in the area of food safety, authenticity and compliance testing, analytical chemistry and ingredient development for the Food & Feed industries. During the FIE our food business development team will be present to answer your questions about applications of our in vitro TIM models, the TrustGelTM method, protein digestion and gut health.

TNO and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research have reached an agreement on the transition of the TNO department “Functional Ingredients” to Wageningen. Through this merge, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research becomes one of the largest research institutes in the field of food, nutrition and bio-based research in Europe. Thanks to this powerful combination of knowledge, the organisation strengthens its international position in these areas. During the FIE Wageningen Food & Biobased Research an TNO will team-up to answer your questions about 3D food printing, Personalised Nutrition & Health, nutrition for the elderly, clean label and reformulation solutions and TNO’s intestinal screening model (i-screen).



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