5GSatcom seminar

The Hague | NH hotel Den Haag • 29 Oct 2018 - 30 Oct 2018

Creating new business opportunities through satellite integrated 5g communications.

Do you want to form a part of this exciting new ecosystem? Be one of the first major players in this arena!

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Why 5GSatcom?

The power of 5G Satcom integration is enormous. It would allow seamless mobility for devices between satellite access and terrestrial networks. This potential would address many industrial and societal problems by providing global coverage of ultra high speed, ultra reliable and ultra low latency communication. This is of specific interest for specific application areas (verticals):

  • Logistics and transport
  • Public Safety
  • Media and content distribution

Why a seminar?

With the current leap in technological advances, the market potential for satellite integrated 5G networks is strongly emerging. Numerous parties have identified the potential for Satellite integrated 5G networks with several ongoing academic studies and large scale European projects such as Sat5G and Satis5 investigating this topic. Standardisation bodies have also started to take notice; The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) published an article in January 2018 explaining the market potential for satellite integrated 5G networks. Based on this growing potential, a study was initiated by 3GPP to investigate the usage of Satellite Access in 5G. An expected outcome of this study is that a satellite component will be included in Technical Report TR 22.822 as part of 3GPP Release 16.

This momentum behind the integration of the satellite links in 5G networks has created the need to bring together industry partners that could form this new ecosystem. TNO was therefore triggered to host a seminar where 5G network operators and vendors, terrestrial and satellite networks and future market parties are brought together to develop a common vision on satellite integrated 5G networks. This event enables the formation of this new ecosystem by sharing knowledge, future challenges and making new connections.

Our work

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Dr. Sylvie Dijkstra-Soudarissanane MSc


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