Enabling confident decisions in early clinical development

Hilton Orlando | Orlando, Florida • 21 Mar 2018 - 24 Mar 2018

Developing a new drug is a lengthy and expensive process. The earlier information concerning pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of a candidate drug in humans is available, the better. Metabolites in Safety Testing in First-In-Men studies provide valuable information to de-risk clinical development and optimize the toxicological assessment.

At the ASCPT annual meeting, from 21-24 in Orlando, TNO will present its capabilities in the field of:

  • Investigating intestinal permeability and inflammatory responses via intestinal segments of pigs/humans via our InTESTine and InTESTine on a chip platforms.
  • Measuring microbiome induced metabolism via our 96 well I-screen screening platform
  • Using perfused pig and human livers measuring biliary excretion, hepatic clearance and metabolism including the investigation of Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI’s)
  • Measuring PK, AbsBA, MIST and mass balance via microdosing/microtracer AMS studies.
    1. Metabolite profiling and identification in First-In-Man studies
    2. Absolute bioavailability in early clinical development
    3. Early PK of biologicals (peptides, proteins, ADCs etc) and small molecules using microdosing
    4. Pediatric PK studies facilitating dose finding and the drug development process in Children.

In addition, we will show our unique strengths using UPLC followed by simultaneous data acquisition via a high resolution MS (for metabolite identification) and auto-combustion based AMS (for parent and metabolite quantification) approach.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth, number 102.

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Steven Erpelinck BSc. MBA

  • bioavailability
  • microdosing
  • AMS transporters
  • permeability
  • PBPK modeling


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