Meet TNO at Innovation for Health 2018

Rotterdam | WTC • 01 Feb 2018

Innovation for Health 2018 focuses on the healthcare of the future. The opportunities that innovations offer to optimise health and drug development are considerable and increasing. Innovations that help people live healthier for longer and function according to their ability. Personalisation is an important issue here because every person is unique and requires a unique approach.

TNO is working on various topics for this. Examples include digital health, in vitro techniques such as organ-on-a-chip, 3D printing of medicines and faster testing of a drug in humans via microdosing, which tests the (interactive) effects of components of medicines on the body in very small quantities. For this we frequently work together in public-private partnerships with national and international partners from different sectors: pharma, food, biomedical, behaviour, ICT (data & monitoring), high tech, living environment and the creative industry.

More and more pharmaceutical companies are implementing microdosing AMS in their clinical trials in order to significantly accelerate the drug development process. Determining a correct therapeutic dose for medicines in children is difficult. Microdosing AMS offers added value here. We would like to consult with pharmaceutical companies working on the registration of the drug in children (paediatric application) in order to work together to accelerate the drug.

You can also meet Charlie at the fair, a robot for children with diabetes type 1 (PAL). In the European PAL project that is currently underway, we are looking at how PAL can be used in children to manage their diabetes better. PAL can also contribute to the optimisation of a therapy in other diseases such as IBD. A robot buddy also has added value in oncology. If you, as a partner, want to contribute to the validation of the PAL robot for these applications, we invite you to discuss this further with us.

The latest news on these and other topics can be found at the TNO stand during Innovation for Health. We look forward to meeting you at our stand, number 13.

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Steven Erpelinck BSc. MBA

  • bioavailability
  • microdosing
  • AMS transporters
  • permeability
  • PBPK modeling


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