Meet TNO at the 5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum Europe

Postilion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam • 21 Mar 2018 - 22 Mar 2018

This conference, designed with scientists, researchers and businesses in mind, focuses on translational research and product development. Leaders from academia and industry will present on topics across the vast field of microbiome research, condensing it into two days of incisive presentations, roundtable debates and panel discussions. TNO will attend this event (booth #5) and invites you to discuss your microbiome innovations with our experts.

TNO has established capabilities and expertise in studying relationships between diet, gut microbiome and host health. With a suite of advanced technologies, like I-screen and InTESTine™, we offer comprehensive approaches to address our customers’ questions on product functionality and microbiome related health.
A new extension of our portfolio comprises the development of new research models to study how medicines and food components interact with the gut microbiome thereby modulating immune function.

TNO allows the analysis of microbiota compositions on samples from a broad range of origins and matrices. We use techniques such as amplicon sequencing, whole genome sequencing (WGS), metagenomics, RNAseq and qPCR.

We can also support every aspect of management of these large data sets. From data handling and storage, statistical and biological analysis and interpretation to advanced machine-learning tools to identify patterns in the complex data. Furthermore, our platforms allow for high-throughput ex-vivo analysis of shifts in microbiota upon exposure to compounds, ingredients or other changes. This can accelerate understanding of drug interactions and metabolism, and the relation between microbiome and diseases such as IBD and colon cancer, which will lead to further understanding of how shifts in the microbiome impact health.

TNO assists in the better understanding of host microbe interactions and offers host platforms to analyse interactions with the intestinal epithelium. This includes the use of intestinal organoids: stem-cell-based structures that contain all cell types in an in vitro system, just as they appear in vivo.

Frank Schuren, Senior Scientist Microbiology and Edwin Abeln, Business Developer in this field will be delighted to discuss the innovative translational gut microbiome technologies with you and how our expertise can contribute to establish your objectives in research and development. Please feel free to visit our booth #5.

Do you want more information about our microbiome innovations?

Please contact Edwin Abeln


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Dr. Edwin Abeln

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