Second annual conference lifestyle as medicine

Oegstgeest | Corpus • 21 Nov 2018

On Wednesday the 21st of November LUMC and TNO will organize the Second Annual Conference ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’ in CORPUS Congress Center, Oegstgeest. TNO and the LUMC, together with partners, have started the Netherlands Innovation Center for Lifestyle Medicine NILG. Our present healthcare system is not equipped for the challenges of today and the future. Therefore we want to drive a system change towards lifestyle interventions playing their part in the cure and care of noncommunicable diseases.

Focus on cardiovascular disease

After TNO-LUMC’s successful first annual conference on lifestyle medicine last year with the focus on Type 2 Diabetes we will again take a deep-dive in the latest developments in lifestyle medicine. This year, our main focus will be on cardiovascular disease. An excellent line-up of (inter)national invited speakers will share their innovative points of view and call to action for lifestyle medicine professionals, policymakers, businesses and researchers.

Target groups

Medical professionals (Internists, Cardiologists, General Practitioners, specialists in geriatric medicine, social therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists and people who are in training for these professions); representatives of healthcare insurance companies; system biologists, health and behaviour scientists; healthcare innovators; healthcare and lifestyle related businesses, municipalities and national authorities.

Accreditation will be applied for ABC1: 7, NVVC: 7, NIV: 6, NVK: 6

Registration is already open!

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