3th edition Summer School 'The business model of cybercrime'

Milan • 09 Jul 2019 - 12 Jul 2019

Understanding the business model of cybercrime, and the online criminal finances in particular, is the aim of this 3rd edition of the Summer School 'The business model of cybercrime'. It focuses on the actors behind cybercrime, what types of business models they have and how business transactions take place on the darknet. TNO is partner and it's leading scientist in this field Rolf van Wegberg, is one of the lecturers.

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The TNO cybercrime-team enjoys a long standing cooperation with Transcrime, a leading research institute in the area of organised crime, and a key supporting body of the University of Milan. The yearly Summer School on the subject of cybercrime business models is one of the activities of their cooperation.

The business model of cybercrime

Over the last years, cyber threats have taken place with the intention of generating financial profits for the cybercriminals involved. This business model of cybercrime is based on a value chain of cybercrime components, from malware development or distribution to cash-out solutions. Offers of these components on anonymous online markets, can be seen as a form of cybercrime-as-a-service.

The proliferation of these services potentially allows ‘customers’ to organise online crime, like financial fraud, regardless of their skills and technical knowledge. Illicit business on the dark net comprises of a variety of marketplaces, where the tools necessary to launch cyberattacks are sold and bought.

This growing “as-a-service” market attracts not only wannabe hackers, but also traditional criminals. Anonymizing peer-to-peer networks and cryptocurrencies have become the enabling tools of this new business model, as the markets where demand and supply in cybercrime components meet, build on the TOR-protocol for hosting their anonymous markets and lean on cryptocurrencies to support an alternative payment channel. Based on its characteristics of non-regulation and its potential anonymity, the bitcoin is the currency of choice for cybercriminals and dark net sellers.

About the Summer School

With this Summer School, TNO aims at providing professionals with understanding of the business model of cybercrime and the online criminal finances, in particular. Our lead scientist in this field Rolf van Wegberg is one of the lecturers.

The summer school takes place in Milan and is held in English.


Download the flyer for information about the program, registration proces and the registration form. Participants wishing to apply should send the application form with their CV or resume attached by email to cybercrime.summerschool@unicatt.it

Application deadline: 3rd June 2019.



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