European Industry & Energy Summit (EIES)

De Kromhouthal, Amsterdam • 10 Dec 2019 - 11 Dec 2019

Although the process industry and the energy sector are often seen as the main culprits behind climate problems, they also hold the keys to various innovations, that could result in cleaner processes, chains, clusters and products. With the theme Energising a Sustainable Future, the initiators of EIES 2019 want to give attention to the innovations and solutions of the industry.

The summit aims to inform, inspire, connect and activate the participants.

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TNO, FME and Industrielinqs are organising the European Industry & Energy Summit (EIES) 2019 at the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, on 10 and 11 December. Within the industry, various innovations are currently being applied and researched that could result in cleaner processes, chains, clusters and products. EIES 2019 wants to give attention to these innovations.

Joint innovation
Different developments and new technologies will be highlighted. Technologies such as electrochemistry and electrification will be discussed, as well as circular processes such as the chemical recycling of plastics and, of course, developments in the fields of energy saving, the storage,  reuse of CO2 and hydrogen.

Visit TNO at the exhibition where we are represented with a number of breakthrough innovations. For example: LightYear One, the first solar-powered passenger car with solar cells in bodywork a nice collaboration between TNO and Light Year, an example of the first Dutch Electrolyser for producing sustainable hydrogen.


  • Plenary opening with keynote speakers, including:
    • Andre Faaij, Director of Science ECN part of TNO
    • Magnus Hall, CEO of Vattenfall
  • Cases: inspiring user cases during interactive break-out sessions
  • Side events, including Circular Plastics and new biofuels organised by TNO
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Exhibition plaza

Participation by TNO
During a plenary session, André Faaij, Director of Science at TNO Energy Transition will give a key-note on the major contribution that industry can make to the energy transition and raw material transition through innovation.

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Side event: Sustainable Biofuels – essential in the energy transition
10 December, 13.45-17.15
This side event addresses the potential of agricultural residues and the challenges and potential in the different transport sectors. Moreover, it will be shown how technology is key to convert agricultural residues into advanced sustainable biofuels that meet the stringent requirements at the engine engineering side.
With key-notes from Biobased Delta, TNO, IEA Advanced Motor fuels and panel discussion with HAN Automotive, TNO automotive, SkyNRG and Maritiem Kenniscentrum, led by TNO and Platform Duurzame Biobrandstoffen.

Side event: Chemical Recycling of Plastics
10 December, 13.45-17.15
The chemical recycling of plastics is currently in the spotlight and several companies are focusing on new recycling routes for plastic waste streams. There are also many critical voices to be heard regarding the efficiency, scale and possible environmental impacts. Together with the National Platform for Chemical Recycling, Gerard van der Laan and Rob de Ruiter of TNO and various innovative companies will give attendees an overview of current processes and new innovations. In an interactive roundtable discussion with the value chain players, we will discuss the role of chemical recycling as a complementary technology to mechanical recycling in the transition to circular plastics.

Break-out session Social innovations for the industry to accelerate the energy transition
10 December  15.45 17.15
Implementing sustainable innovations in processes, chains, clusters and products requires more than just technological solutions. Innovation is first and foremost human work. While most people are creatures of habit that do not like change, the energy transition of all of us requires radical changes in thinking and working. It requires a cultural change from companies where energy saving, the use of renewable energy and product and process innovation aimed at higher efficiency are "the new normal". Social innovation research at TNO is about how the industry can be supported in this. Suzanne Brunsting, Laura Hoogwerf and the members of the "industrial decision making" team will use examples from previous projects to show which behavioural and cultural challenges companies face and which interventions are possible to effectively change behavior and culture. Based on an assignment or case and discussion, we discover together what this topic means for your company.

Break-out session: Hydrogen, indispensable in the energy transition
11 December, 09.45 – 10.30
Hydrogen is playing an important role in the transition to a sustainable energy supply. Currently, grey hydrogen is produced mainly through the reforming of natural gas for industrial applications. This releases a lot of CO2. The main applications are for the production of ammonia and fertiliser in the chemical industry and for oil refining. A CO2-free alternative is production from water via electrolysis using sustainable electricity from the sun and wind, but there are still technological barriers to the production of this green hydrogen. Rene Peters and Lennart van der Burg of TNO will show which hydrogen innovations exist for the production, transport, storage and use as a fuel and raw material and discuss the learnings and steps to be taken to make this possible.

Break-out session Large chances of winning for making industrial heat more sustainable
11 December 11.00-11.45
More than 75 percent of the energy in the industry is used in the form of heat. Making heat sustainable will therefore have a major impact on the CO2 emissions of the industry. For many years TNO, together with end users and technology suppliers, has been developing heat pumps that upgrade residual heat from the industry to higher temperature levels up to 200 ° C so that it can be reused. Working together with industry has great added value to accelerate innovation and implementation. Because there are many more possibilities to make the heat supply of the industry more sustainable, Soledad van Eijk and Anton Wemmers of TNO want to bring together, connect and challenge parties to realize technological solutions and to make the transition to a CO2-neutral industry possible in an even set up an (inter) national program that they would like to tell more about.

Large-scale energy storage for security of supply for future energy system
11 December 11.45 - 12.30
To bring the deployment of large-scale underground energy storage closer to market implementation, steps must be taken in several areas (technology, market participation, legislation and regulations, social embedding). There is now a unique opportunity to rebuild the momentum for research and development in the field of large-scale underground energy storage, thereby taking advantage of synergy with developments in adjacent research areas (hydrogen production, smart energy systems, energy system integration, development of energy transport infrastructure). TNO is investigating together with partners what role large-scale underground energy storage can play in maintaining security of supply when integrating large quantities of wind and solar energy. Using examples from projects, Remco Groenenberg and the project team will show the challenges that companies face and the solutions and opportunities they face.

Side event VoltaChem (invitation only)
Event organized by VoltaChem. Keynote speakers include Ernst Homburg (Emeritus Professor of History and Science and Technology, Maastricht University), Michael Carus (managing director of the Nova-Institute), and Pierre Barthelemy (Executive Director Research and Innovation, Cefic).
Professor Homburg will share his view on historic transformations of the chemical industry.
Michael Carus will talk about the ongoing transition to a fully re-carbonized industry and Pierre Barthelemy will discuss Cefic’s Phoenix Initiative to use CO2 as a resource for the chemical industry. There will be three in-depth interactive parallel sessions focusing on the Fuels, Fertilizers and Plastics markets. For more information, please refer to the website of VoltaChem


Dr Jaap Vente

  • Sustainable Process Technology


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