Fueling the Future Summit 2019 - Hydrogen 1 oktober

01 Oct 2019

On Tuesday, October 1th, TNO will release the first impression of the brand new largest Hydrogen facility in Europe the Faraday lab at Fueling the Future Summit 2019.

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The Summit this year focuses on hydrogen, seen by many experts as the future fuel in the energy-transition. There are many questions to be answered. How can we use and roll out hydrogen within mobility, industry and energy sectors? How can we scale up the hydrogen economy? The answers can be found in working together and sharing knowledge.

TNO is presenting hydrogen innovations

The Faradaylab is the largest hydrogen open innovation lab in Europe that focuses on optimising existing electrolysis technologies such as PEM, alkaline, SOEC and AEM. To meet the climate goals and realize a co2-neutral future in 2050 upscaling is essential. The future electrolysers must work more efficiently, produce more, comprise cheaper materials and are therefore an attractive solution. TNO is working with manufacturers of electrolysers and their suppliers. Manufacturers can develop and test new materials, components and applications with TNO under different conditions. All the necessary facilities are available in the lab. Dutch industry can be players leaders and through innovative products be distinctive players in the world market.

For who

The congress is targeted at (senior) technologists, research managers, technology, equipment and system suppliers who (are interested in becoming) active in the hydrogen supply chain and business development managers.


The congress will be held at LantarenVenster Rotterdam (Otto Reuchlinweg 996 Rotterdam) from 11.00 to approx 17.30 hrs.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact lennart.vanderburg@tno.nl

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Lennart van der Burg MSc

  • Hydrogen Expert
  • Electrolyse
  • Heat networks
  • Energy Transition


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