Hydrogen Webinar: The Netherlands as an international hydrogen hub

09 Dec 2019

What collaborations and hydrogen projects are there? Do we work together internationally? What is the position of the Netherlands with regard to hydrogen compared to other countries?

Take part in this webinar, join the discussion, ask questions and get answers. Rene Peters of TNO, Noe van Hulst (Hydrogen Envoy/hydrogen representative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs) and Rene Schutte of Gasunie will be discussing the important role of hydrogen and the position of the Netherlands within the transition to a sustainable energy supply.

Watch the webinar here

The Netherlands as an international hydrogen hub


View the slides here.

Hydrogen Webinars

Hydrogen is expected to play an important role in the transition to a sustainable energy supply, along with energy savings, electrification and bio-based materials. It offers the possibility to greatly increase the use and application of wind and solar energy. But there is still a long way to go before we have large-scale production of green hydrogen by splitting water with energy from renewable sources. And there are questions, such as affordability, safety, spatial impact and, by extension, public support. In three webinars TNO will discuss background and developments on hydrogen, including these questions:


Rogier Elshout is a professional debate leader, presenter and chairperson. He helps to develop programmes that go direct to their target, preferably cutting right through sacred cows, and are always interactive. His energy is a driver of debate and his enthusiasm encourages everyone to participate.


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Lennart van der Burg MSc

  • Hydrogen Expert
  • Electrolyse
  • Heat networks
  • Energy Transition


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