International Symposium 'Pilot Training for Startle and Surprise Management'

TNO Soesterberg • 26 Sep 2019

On 26 September 2019 the international symposium 'Pilot Training for Startle and Surprise Management' will take place at TNO location Soesterberg, in The Netherlands.

Why this conference?

Startle and surprise of flight crew have been identified as a contributing factor in serious aviation accidents, often related to loss of control in-flight. In response to these accidents, aviation authorities have recommended to address startle and surprise in pilot training. However, it is not entirely clear how this could be done. Research organizations TNO and Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) have just finished a 4-year research program to investigate possible solutions. Part of the research was aimed at inducing startle and surprise in a flight simulator, and another part was to test the effectiveness training interventions. We organize this international symposium to present the results of the research, together with contributions by speakers from various operational and academic organizations.

Why participate?

Participants at this one-day symposium can share the latest insights in methods to support pilots in managing the adverse effects of startle and surprise in-flight.

For whom is this symposium interesting?

Aviation authorities, Flight Training Organizations, Airlines, Simulator Industry, Human Factors specialists.

Who are the Speakers?

  • Annemarie Landman, Delft University of Technology
  • Randy Mumaw, San José State University
  • Jeroen van Rooy, KLM
  • Michel Masson, EASA
  • Vana Hutter, VU
  • Jon Dunn, BT (former RAF)
  • Mark Greenfield, Ultimate High
  • Sunjoo Advani, IDT
  • Femke Dijkstra, VU University
  • Mark Wentink, Desdemona BV
  • Esther Oprins, TNO

Where is the venue?

Kampweg 55
3769 DE Soesterberg
The Netherlands

Free Registration

For more information and free registration. Note that the symposium is limited to a maximum of 100 participants.

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Prof. Dr. Eric Groen

  • human factors
  • performance
  • aerospace
  • simulator training
  • flight safety


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