Model based control solutions for diesel engines @WCX19

Detroit, USA | Cobo Center • 07 Apr 2019 - 11 Apr 2019

TNO Powertrains, as part of the unit Traffic and Transport in TNO, is demonstrating the Dutch knowledge and expertise in the field of model based control solutions. Location will be the annual automotive WCX19 congress: April 7-11, Detroit, Michigan, USA. TNO has submitted two papers to this renowned conference in the automotive industry. They will be presented in two sessions. TNO is happy to take the opportunity and meet with industry experts.

The first paper is titled: "Coordinated Air-Fuel Path Control in a Diesel-E85 RCCI Engine". It will be presented by Prof.dr.ir F.P.T (Frank) Willems on April 9th. The paper presents a coordinated air-fuel path controller for RCCI operation in a multi-cylinder heavy-duty engine. The potential of the proposed control strategy is demonstrated on a six cylinder test set-up, which is equipped with the standard direct injection system for diesel and with an added port fuel injection system for E85. For engine speed and load steps, the RCCI controller is shown to have good tracking performance during transients.

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The second paper is titled: "Validation of Control-Oriented Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Models for Non-standard Ambient Conditions". It will be presented by Ir. P Mentink on April 11th. The paper presents the validation of a semi-empirical control-oriented diesel engine model for non-standard ambient conditions. Measurements on a Heavy-Duty Diesel engine for long haulage applications are performed using TNO’s Climate Altitude Chamber. In here, ambient conditions are varied ranging from –15°C to + 30°C and ambient pressure ranging from 990 mbar (sea level) to 710 mbar (2500m altitude). Both steady-state and transient engine operation, using both type approval and real-world duty cycles, are considered. For the mentioned range of ambient conditions, the engine model is validated for key performance indicators, like manifold conditions, engine-out temperature, fuel consumption (CO2 emissions) and NOx emissions.

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TNO is happy to take the opportunity and meet with industry experts to discuss the latest trends in the industry.


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