TNO Optical SATCOM Day

TNO, Stieltjesweg 1, Delft, The Netherlands • 07 Nov 2019

This conference will bring together technology leaders from the major industry players, research institutes and institutional organisations to discuss recent developments, future challenges, and technology road maps for Optical Satellite communication. Therefore, this event is also a network opportunity! TNO, its partners and invited speakers will show the latest achievements in high-throughput optical ground stations, free-space QKD systems, multi-beam optical terminals and integration of Satcom into 5G.

Optical Communication is considered a major step forward in satellite communication. It offers strong advantages with respect to data rates, data security and communication distance. Nowadays, optical communications systems are starting to become commercially viable. To (further) fulfill its promise various technology challenges in optical communication need to be (faced and) solved.

What to expect

TNO Optical SATCOM Day is focused at the latest scientific and technological developments aimed at progressing optical communication between ground stations, satellites, aircraft and other aerial and naval vehicles.

EVENT Program

Please see the program below for information about the scheduled speakers and topics. After the event, you will be able to continue networking with your peers. 


Registration, coffee/tea & cake


Welcome and Opening
Peter Werkhoven, Chief Scientific Officer, TNO


Keynote talk: 'TNO contribution in the Optical SATCOM market'
Kees Buijsrogge, Director TNO Space


Invited talk: 'Mission Critical Connectivity for Defense'
Evert Dudok, Executive Vice President Communications, Intelligence and Security, Airbus Defence and Space


Keynote talk: ‘UltraAir – The future of airborne connectivity'
Thomas Liebig, System Engineer, TNO


Keynote talk: ‘Optical Wireless Communication for Broadband Global Internet Connectivity'
Sara Mugnaini, Principal Engineer - Advance payload, OneWeb


Keynote talk: 'TomCAT Feeder Link -  Terabit and beyond'
Remco den Breeje, Senior System engineer, TNO


Short Coffee break


Keynote talk: 'Research Strategy for Optical SATCOM at TNO'
Niek Doelman, Lead Scientist for Optical SATCOM Early Research Program, TNO


Invited talk: 'Quantum communication in the banking sector'
Dimitri van Esch, Quantum Program Lead & Senior Development Engineer at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.


Keynote talk: ‘QKD from satellite: an operator’s perspective’
Daniele Finocchiaro, Responsible R&D and Special Projects, Eutelsat


Keynote talk: 'Quantum Key Distribution in optical communication'
Clara Osorio Tamayo, Research Scientist, TNO


Lunch and Poster Sessions


Invited Talk: 'European deep-space optical communication program'
Zoran Sodnik, Head of Opto-Electronics Section, ESA


Keynote talk: 'Development of photon-starved communication system'
Martijn Dresscher, Scientist Integrator, TNO


Short Coffee break


Invited talk: 'The Dutch ecosystem for Laser satellite communication from OEM point of view'
Sytze Kampen, Head Of Technology, Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V.


Invited talk: ‘The Dutch ecosystem for Laser Satellite communication from high tech supply chain point of view’
Hans Priem, Business manager Science & Technology, VDL ETG


Keynote talk: 'Space Terminal instruments for Optical SATCOM'
Dorus de Lange, System engineer, TNO


Keynote talk: 'Laser Communication in Space. 12 years in Orbit, challenges, lessons, status'
Matthias Motzigemba, Head of Sales Communication Systems, TESAT


Kees Buijsrogge, Director TNO Space


Poster Sessions and Tour, including snacks and drinks
Kees Buijsrogge, Director TNO Space


Please note that this is an invite-only event. Due to the popularity of this event we are full. Unfortunately registration is no longer possible by sending us a request for an invite. We encourage you to direct any other questions you may have directly to info-opticalsatcomevent@tno.nl.


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