Photorealistic VR Communication @ VR DAYS EUROPE 2019 presented by TNO 

13 Nov 2019 - 15 Nov 2019

Would you like to explore the future of photorealistic VR communication and immersive media? Then please come and join us as at VR Days Europe 2019 on 13, 14 and 15 November in the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam.

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At VR Days, TNO will be showcasing new projects, the latest research and innovative technologies via a TNO booth on social XR, a VRTogether booth and a presentation by VR expert Simon Gunkel.

DEMO! Photorealistic Social eXtended Reality   

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) change the ways in which people perceive both the digital world and the real world. eXtended Reality is the superset of these technologies; when combined with the tactile internet, it will enable future forms of communication such as holographic. TNO has begun a research programme aimed at the first ever engineering of a shared XR environment, delivered via next-generation networks like 5G. In this XR environment, users get the feeling of being in the presence of other people (with whom they can interact) at a remote location. In this programme, we aim to collaborate with many partners in both industry and society. VR Days Europe is an excellent platform to explore and develop use cases for this new technology. 

Have you ever given somebody a high five in VR? Now’s your chance! 

DEMO! VRTogether – The Big Show! 

VRTogether is a media project which is funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 programme. We aim to innovate the means by which VR media formats are used (how audio and video are captured, delivered and rendered in user homes), improving the experience by demonstrating a significant development of the photorealism and by enhancing the feeling of actually being there together. VRTogether’s consortium has been strategically set up with partners that cover all stages of the production chain in a balanced manner. This means a combination of academic institutions (i2CAT, CWI, TNO, CERTH and Artanim) and industry (Entropy, Motion Spell and Viaccess-Orca). 

This demo will allow you and a friend to watch a news broadcast together in VR. 

TALK by Simon Gunkel on photorealistic social VR communication 

Simon Gunkel is an R&D Scientist and VR communication expert at TNO. In this talk, Simon will speak about his ongoing efforts in applied research regarding how we can move from traditional video conferencing towards more immersive photorealistic communication in VR. His talk will take place at 17:35 on Thursday 14 November in hall ‘North’ as part of the session 5G & The Future of Technology. 

We invite everyone who would like to know more about the latest developments in virtual reality, tactile feedback and photorealistic video conferencing to come visit our stands and learn more about the possibilities of partnering with TNO. 

You can find us at booths A2 (TNO) and A3 (VRTogether)

Would you like to know more? Please contact Teun van der Veen

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Ir. Teun van der Veen

  • Networks
  • Telecom
  • Social XR
  • Streaming Media


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