Pulsim 50 Years Symposium | Boosting a reliable energy transition

13 Nov 2019

On Wednesday 13 November 2019, TNO organizes the symposium "Boosting a reliable energy transition", to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pulsim. An afternoon full of interesting talks, interactive sessions and time to meet your colleagues in industry.

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In 1969, TNO started the Pulsim Project: building a special-purpose analog computer for PULsation SIMulations in gas pipelines induced by reciprocating compressors. 50 years later, the project and the team have evolved significantly:
• From analog to digital to a user friendly PulsimSuite;
• From compressor induced pulsations to state of the art fluid dynamics and mechanical response expertise in one department, as a key partner for safe and reliable operation of transport systems;
• From natural gas reciprocating compressor systems to international scale integrated energy grids, with expertise on safety, reliability, flow control and flow chemistry.

Over the last 50 years, we have contributed to the development of a reliable energy infrastructure both in the Netherlands and abroad. TNO is proudly organizing an event in which we look back at those 50 years safe and reliable energy infrastructure, but more importantly in which we look forward. The energy transition give a lot of new challenges towards a safe and reliable energy infrastructure. Those challenges range from a global perspective dealing with e.g. gas networks in the Netherlands to challenges within the fence dealing with e.g. robust safety optimization of compressor systems.

Join us in our Pulsim 50 Years Symposium. Many colleagues from the energy industry will join this day, which will hopefully lead to fruitful discussions on the future of safe and reliable energy infrastructure. Let’s boost a reliable and safe energy transition.

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