Resilient Ship Design Course 2019

Rotterdam-Vlaardingen, The Netherlands | Delta Hotel • 17 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019

Although warships have several layers of defence, history has shown a multitude of incidents where these have all failed resulting in battle damage of the ship. Much can be done in the design of the ship to provide an adequate level of resilience against anti-ship missiles, UNDEX threats, shaped charges, gunfire or asymmetric threats. You can learn all about it in this course organised by TNO Defence Research from the Netherlands.

Underwater shock trial

The course is aimed at:

  • Navy personnel
  • Survivability experts
  • Shipyards
  • Designers of naval vessels
  • Naval ship manufacturing industry
  • Managers of new naval projects
  • Project engineers who make specifications of naval equipment and installations
  • Engineers who monitor naval building or upgrade projects
  • Technical procurement officers
  • Classification societies.

Purpose of the course

The main purpose of the course is to understand the basics of designing against modern above water and underwater threats. Participants will learn the principles of ship survivability, so that they are able to design themselves, to communicate with specialists, to tackle an underwater shock problem or to deal with above water threats. The knowledge can also be applied to upgrade ships for new threats.


This seventh edition of the course introduces case studies, linking theory to actual incidents. TNO welcomes internationally acclaimed guest speakers from NL MoD, Industry and Survivability Consulting Ltd in the UK.


The program and more information can be found in the course flyer. For Travel information to venue and hotels klik here.

Internal explosion of above water threat

Dates and venue

The Resilient Ship Design Course will take place from 17-20 September 2019.
The venue is: Delta Hotel, room Triton, Maasboulevard 15 in Vlaardingen (close to Rotterdam), The Netherlands.


Costs for the four day course are EUR 3200,-- excluding VAT. The price includes a hard copy and digital copy of the course proceedings, software tools, lunches and beverages and diner on Thursday. There is an early bird discount of 10% for applications placed before 31st of May 2019.

More information

For further information on the Resilient Ship Design Course please contact Rogier van der Wal (rogier.vanderwal@tno.nl, + 31 88 8661332).


For registration and administrative inquiries you can contact Louise Michon by e-mail or by phone (louise.michon@tno.nl, +31 88 86 63350).


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