Webinar on robust SCR dosing controls

19 Jun 2019

TNO is organizing a Webinar on NH3 Slip Detection on June 19th, 3pm. The webinar is presented by Dr Xander Seykens. Xander obtained his PhD in 2010 and he is assistant professor at Technical University in Eindhoven. He is specialized in control-oriented powertrain (ICE/aftertreatment) model development.

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The webinar aims at engineers working in the engine aftertreatment area of OEMs and TIERs with a special interest in NOx reduction technologies.

Dr Xander Seykens, product manager Engine Aftertreatment Systems

Minimizing fuel consumption within the increasingly stringent pollutant and CO2 emission legislative constraints in real world conditions puts a great challenge to the automotive market. Within this context, maximizing NOx reduction efficiency while minimizing the risk of NH3 slip is a key target for Heavy Duty SCR-based aftertreatment control.

Enhanced robustness is obtained by using physics based aftertreatment component models as virtual sensors providing robustness over a wide range of operating conditions. Furthermore, improved robustness is provided by applying NOx tailpipe feedback. Here, TNO's unique "NH3 slip detection algorithm" provides a cost efficient solution to eliminate the NOx sensor cross-sensitivity.

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