2020 Seagriculture conference

25 Sep 2020

TNO develops sustainable seaweed biorefinery concepts. At the 2020 Seagriculture conference, we give a virtual tour of our seaweed processing lab. Join us for a virtual tour and attend the virtual 2020 Seagriculture conference.

Join the virtual tour in the Seaweedlab

And discover the possibilities of TNO’s research programme on biomass

Join the tour

Join us for a virtual tour of the TNO seaweed processing lab. This lab has the equipment and know-how to develop your seaweed fractionation process using relevant equipment and can produce representative kg. size  samples of you intended product or master-batch. Seaweed biorefinery is part of the TNO biomass programme, which focuses on thermo-chemical conversion technologies and energy applications of sustainable biomass.

Due to COVID-19, conferences are going digital. So is Seagriculture. On day 2 of the conference, key players in the seaweed bioeconomy will give virtual tours. So if you wish to develop a process for your seaweed please join us for the virtual tour of the TNO seaweed processing lab.

The lab has the equipment and know-how for each of the common major processing step needed to develop your process. You just want to have a representative sample? We can do that too.

Looking forward towards seeing you on September 25th at 11:15 CET.

Do you want to develop a seaweed based biorefinery process? The TNO seaweed processing lab has the equipment and know-how to do so. We have the relevant equipment and analysis capabilities to do so. The major equipment is comprised of:

  • A 100 l. extraction unit
  • Continuous and semi-batch solid liquid separation
  • Continuous membrane filtration units
  • Large scale vacuum concentration unit
  • Spray drying equipment
  • Freeze drying equipment

This equipment is further complemented by the expertise and experience to perform detailed analysis of the seaweed and its fractions as well as conceptual process development. Representative samples of you intended product can be produced at the kg. scale.

TNO Insights

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Jaap W. van Hal, Ph.D.

  • Biorefinery
  • seaweed
  • organosolv
  • biomass


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