AI Webinar: How safe are self-driving cars?

Webinar • 05 Nov 2020

Many of the challenges revolving autonomous driving focus on ensuring the safety of self-driving cars. We will discuss this during the AI webinar ‘How safe are self-driving cars?’ (Dutch spoken) on Thursday, November 5th between 3:00-4:00 PM (CET).

Panel discussion: 3 statements on the safety of self-driving cars

To this end, we set up a panel with AI researcher Jan-Pieter Paardekoper, TNO and strategic advisor on autonomous driving Edwin Nas, RDW. During the webinar they will share their insight on 3 the below statements.

  • Statement 1: We have already solved the technical issue with self-driving cars
  • Statement 2: Without a moral compass, a self-driving car will get nowhere
  • Statement 3: Hackers are lurking to disrupt self-driving cars

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Find more information about this webinar here: Appl.AI Webinar #2: How safe are self-driving cars?

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