Webinar for a reliable, affordable and fair energy system

10 Sep 2020

What is needed to create and build a fully sustainable future proof energy system that is reliable, affordable and just? In this webinar you will discover the background, developments, technologies and research of our future sustainable energy system and what is needed for this.

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10 September 2020 – System integration of large scale offshore wind power

When: 10 September 2020 – 15.00 16.00

Speaker: Peter Eecen R&D manager wind energy at TNO Energy Transition
Moderator: Sjaak van Loo Program Manager at TNO Energy Transition

In this free webinar we will address the vision of implementing large-scale offshore wind power, the required innovations and developments to overcome barriers and to further reduce cost of energy and addresses TNO-innovations to develop a thriving offshore wind sector.

For the realisation of our reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system large scale offshore wind power will be used and integrated. The ambition  is to realise 60GW at the Dutch part of the North Sea. This is much more power than is currently used as electrical power in the Dutch energy system.

How do we make sure that this fits and works? An important solution is sector coupling and conversion and storage options connected to an offshore energy infrastructure to transport the large amounts of electricity and gas to the users on shore.

SPEAKER - Peter Eecen is R&D manager wind energy at TNO Energy Transition. and determines the wind research strategy for a group of 55 researchers in offshore wind energy. Peter has been working  in wind energy for twenty years and is coordinator of EERA Joint Programme on Wind Energy, a collaboration of 53 European wind energy research groups. With energy and enthusiasm, he will give us the latest visions on implementing the energy transition from wind energy perspective.

MODERATOR - Sjaak van Loo is Program Manager at TNO Energy Transition and contributes with passion, experience and competence to a more sustainable society. As a strategic thinker with strong organisational and network skills, he translates a vision into real progress. He works in a team, helps to develop programs and goes straight to the goal, acts as a connector, likes to talk and lead discussions. Because of his energy and enthusiasm, the debate will be in full swing and everyone will participate.


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