Webinars on Perovskite Solar Technology

Webinar • 02 Nov 2020 - 07 Dec 2020

Together with partners, Solliance, a strong network of research groups and industry, working at the forefront of thin-film photovoltaic technology, launches a series of webinars on perovskite solar technology. The collaborative, shared research is led by TNO and imec.
Perovskite semitransparent, small-module (image credits: imec)

On 2 November we will start with two presentations on the up-scaling of processes to an industrial level, for glass based perovskite solar modules. The series will continue with a webinar on roll-to-roll processing, hybrid or hetero junction tandems and multi junction perovskite tandems.

The presentations will be online by partner scientists working in the Solliance programs. During the presentation, there is a live Q&A. Via chat you will be able to ask your questions. The host, Ronn Andriessen, director of Solliance Solar Research, will submit these questions to the experts.

Webinar #1:
Scaling up processes for perovskite modules

2 November 9.00-10.00 CET
Perovskite is a very promising thin-film solar technology. The efficiency has proven to be high and can potentially even higher. But these records are set on miniature lab cell, selected from a batch. How can we scale up this technology from spin-coated mini cells to large solar modules? Valerio Zardetto (TNO) and Yinghuan Kuang (imec) will tell you the latest developments and backgrounds on this technology.

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Webinar #2:
Roll-to-roll processing of single junction modules

9 November - 9.00-10.00 CET
To come to a sustainable energy production, we need large amounts of solar cells. For perovskite solution based printing techniques are available, so the future perovskite solar modules are printed on flexible carriers. Roll-to-roll processes are researched by Ilker Dogan at Solliance Solar Research. He will tell you about the latest developments on roll-to-roll deposition processes for perovskite solar cells.

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Webinar #3:
Hybrid tandems with perovskite

23 November - 9.00-10.00 CET
One of the unique features of perovskite based solar cells is their translucency. Only a part of the spectrum is absorbed, leaving the module is transparent for other colors. This means another solar module can convert the’ left-over’ to electrical energy. The tandem solar modules built in the lab this way are more efficient than we ever thought. Perovskite is placed on CIGS as well as on crystalline silicon cells to create tandems, rigid and flexible.

But how can we scale up the production, create larger tandem solar panels and develop industrial production processes to meet the demand? Let’s ask Bart Vermang (UHasselt, imec) and Gianluca Colletti (TNO).

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Webinar #4:
Multi junction cells of perovskite

7 December - 9.00-10.00 CET
What is possible if you take this tandem concept even further? Can you fine tune the absorption wave length? What happens if you stack three, four or even more perovskite based solar cells on top of each other?

Let’s ask Rene Jansen, leading the interdepartmental research group Molecular Materials and Nanosystems at Eindhoven University of Technology and Maria Loi, professor at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials of the University of Groningen and chair of the Photophysics and OptoElectronics group.

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