TNO Caribbean: Informed decision making for sustainable solutions

Caribbean Island nations and rural regions face a number of challenges in moving toward a more sustainable society. A reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply, clean water and proper waste management are basic building blocks in this.

Island scale and logistics demand locally appropriate solutions that fit local needs and capacity. This requires not only innovation in technology and service delivery but also working with all stakeholders to come to informed solutions. This is where TNO Caribbean can help. Our clients include:

  • Governments
  • Public and Private Utility Companies
  • NGO’s
  • Private Investors and Businesses
  • Financial Institutions

TNO Caribbean is based in Aruba and has been operating in the Caribbean since 2011, with a specific focus on sustainable energy and clean technology. TNO Caribbean employs a local workforce that understands the Caribbean island setting and culture. TNO Caribbean is supported by its Dutch mother organization TNO, a top tier European independent R&D and knowledge institute with a track record of over 75 years. TNO employs some 2500 highly qualified professionals to provide in depth expertise to develop and implement innovations and provide independent expert advice on all aspects of sustainable development. TNO sets itself apart with its multi-disciplinary expertise which covers the entire spectrum of technology, economic analysis, policy and regulation.

TNO Caribbean Services

We recognize that each island and rural region has its own unique set of circumstances and constraints within which a solution needs to be created. TNO Caribbean’s service offerings were created with this in mind. We aim to work with the local stakeholders and decision makers to assess the problem and determine a desired outcome. From there we draft a strategy, identify which information we need in order to make informed decisions and help convene stakeholders to build the required support and buy-in for implementation. We can serve you in a number of ways:

  • Independent strategy advice & techno-economic evaluations
  • Process facilitation & project and program management services
  • Capacity building through (custom) training and seminars.
  • Market research and social adoption
  • Environmental and Social Economic Assessment

TNO Caribbean-Aruba Partnership

In 2011 Aruba and TNO established a long-term partnership to assist Aruba in its sustainable island transition and establish the island as a regional and Small islands Developing States (SIDS) knowledge hub. Since then TNO has worked with the government of Aruba and its stakeholders on the development of its sustainable energy transition strategy and the development of the Smart Community, the Caribbean’s first sustainable community. This community serves as a living lab and sustainable development demonstration project.

The Sustainable Energy Transition Summit has proven to be a critical step in helping Aruba move forward. It enabled us to take a strategic approach to our energy transition, ensuring all efforts are aligned and working towards a shared goal. – Mr. Mike Eman, Prime Minister Aruba

Location Oranjestad - Aruba

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TNO Caribbean

Our work

Smart Community Aruba

Real life testing and demonstration is a must to move sustainable technologies from concept to practical application. Smart Community Aruba (SCA), a 20 unit residential neighborhood aimed at sustainable... Read more


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