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TNO Working Paper Series

The TNO Working Paper series (ISSN 2211-0054) convey the preliminary results of ongoing Strategy and Policy research conducted at TNO. The topics addressed are related to science, technology and innovation studies, system innovation and societal transitions, regional and spatial economics, complex governance of sustainability, eco-innovation policies and strategies and sustainable consumption and production.

Our working papers are reviewed by the editorial board for quality control. Nevertheless, the views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of TNO. Academic readers are encouraged to provide the authors with feedback, questions and constructive criticism.

LATESt working papers

2016-02 EXIOMOD 2.0: EXtended Input-Output MODel : A full description and applications
Bulavskaya, T. · Hu, J. · Moghayer S.M. and · Reynès, F.G.D.

2016-01 The economic footprint of the Dutch Research and Technology Organization TNO
Poliakov, E.V. and Hu, J.

2015-03 Quantifying the direct and indirect rebound effects for consumers as a response to energy-saving technologies in the EU-27
Hu, J. and Poliakov, E.V.  

2015-02 Innovation performance in Dutch top sectors
Montalvo corral, C., Moghayer, S.M. and Boonman, H.J.

2015-01 Is climate change and energy a model for the societal challenges approach to innovation?
Carlos Montalvo and Jos Leijten

2014-11 European innovation policy : new rationales and challenges
Carlos Montalvo

2013-04 Organizing Innovation In Base-Of-The-Pyramid Projects
Jenny de Boer, Marc Steen and Bineke Posthumus

2013-03 Return to business R&D expenditures in the Netherlands
Evgueni Poliakov and Tatyana Bulavskaya

2013-02 EU eco-innovation policy supports product-service systems
A.R Tan, F.J. Diaz Lopez , S. Mudgal and A. Tukker

2013-01 A Systems-based Model for Inclusive Innovation
Roald Suurs et al.

2011-03 The Evolving and Cumulative Nature of Sustainable Innovation in an energy intensive industry
Fernando J. Díaz López and Carlos Montalvo

2011-02 State of an innovation system
Carlos Montalvo and Saeed M. Moghayer

2011-01 Upscaling emerging niche technologies in sustainable energy
Lars Coenen et al.

2010-01 Towards a Theory for Transition Regions in Sustainable Energy Innovation
Fernando J. Díaz López et al.



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