CIVITAS Policy note - Clean buses for your city

02 Oct 2014

What is the best option for my city with regard to clean buses? Decision makers at city administrations and transport operators are confronted with a variety of options for clean buses (EURO VI, bio fuels, electricity, hydrogen, etc). What is the best solution given local circumstances? This CIVITAS Policy note intends to provide an answer to such questions and support decision makers in their decisions.

TNO is coordinator of the European project CIVITAS WIKI. The mission of the CIVITAS WIKI project is to provide information on clean urban transport and on the CIVITAS Initiative to EU city planners, decisionmakers and citizens. With its policy documents, WIKI wants to inform people in the cities on a number of topics that currently play an important role in urban mobility. The first policy analysis focusses on the topic of clean buses. This is a hot topic because the introduction of clean buses is necessary in order to reach the EU air quality targets. This document (see Downloads) gives in-depth background information to make a decision on which bus to choose.


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