Gerwin Gelinck from TNO will chair at TU Eindhoven: large area flexible electronics

28 Oct 2014

Holst Centre has built a solid reputation in the research and development of Large Area and Flexible Electronics. In one of its programs organic and oxide transistors are researched that will form the basis of the electronics in future products such as flexible displays and X-ray imagers.

Together with industrial partners, the Holst Centre program has delivered transistor backplanes for a wide variety of flexible display and non-display applications using both organic as well as oxide semiconductors. Integrated with memory and sensors, the same transistor technology was used to demonstrate world's first prototypes of radio frequency identification circuits, sensor labels and microprocessors on plastic. This led to a large international press coverage. Part of its success comes from the good collaboration with several academic groups worldwide. This interaction fuels the program with deeper understanding and new ideas. In particular with the University of Eindhoven there are tight links.

Establishing this chair will lead to:

  • Strengthening of Shared Research Programs Holst Centre
    By initiating academic research projects with Ph.D students and M.Sc students, via public funds, we address the longer-term roadmap of the programs, and secure the long term potential and attractiveness of the program 'Organic and oxide transistors'. This will lead to contract renewals with existing companies as well as new contracts with new companies.
  • Strengthening of collaboration with other academic groups
    Besides the collaboration with M2N Dr. Gelinck will be able to further leverage his academic network comprising Mixed Signal group at the TU Eindhoven (Dr. Cantatore), as well as international links to KU Leuven (prof. Heremans), Imperial College (prof. McCulloch, prof. Anthopoulos), Max Planck Institute für Polymerforschung (prof. Blom, prof. de Leeuw), Stanford University (prof. Bao). As large-area, flexible electronics is a highly multi-disciplinary and fast moving field, collaboration is a must to remain world-leading.

  • Scientific exposure of TNO and Holst Centre
    The research will be published in high-impact journals like Nature, Science and presented at well-reputed conferences (SID, ISSCC, MRS).
  • Talent recruitment
    Students with the right specialism will find Holst Centre an attractive working place. PhD's are a valuable pool of knowledge workers for the local industry, the industrial partners of the programs and for Holst Centre itself.


Prof. dr. Gerwin Gelinck

  • Program Director Holst Centre
  • Principal Scientist Flexible electronics
  • Flexible displays
  • transistors
  • large area imagers

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