The world's first energy-producing road

22 Oct 2014

The SolaRoad cycle path with its solar cells is ready for testing. SolaRoad is located in Krommenie, The Netherlands. SolaRoad is an idea and initiative of TNO. The Province of Noord-Holland, Ooms Civiel and Imtech Traffic&Infra are participating in the innovation project.

Road surface that converts sunlight into energy

SolaRoad comprises concrete modules of 2.5 by 3.5 metres that act as a solar panel. Solar cells have been incorporated in the first few metres of SolaRoad in a single direction while the other side has no solar cells and is used to test various surface layers. The energy that the path generates is converted into electricity for the grid. The solar energy that the road generates will eventually be used for road illumination, traffic installations, electric cars (that drive on the road) and households.

Test period

Various measurements and tests will be undertaken over a three-year period to help develop SolaRoad further. The tests should provide answers to questions like: How does it behave in practice? How much energy is generated? And what is it like to cycle on in different weather conditions? The cycle path is well positioned in respect of the sun in order to optimise energy absorption. This cycle path will also be used intensively so that a lot of information becomes available about the effects of its use. Prior to the construction, the road surface modules were lab-tested to ensure that all the road-surface safety requirements were in order.

Official opening on 12 November

SolaRoad is nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award.
The path will be officially opened by Minister Kamp on 12 November.

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