TNO is partner in DRIVER, the largest European R&D project in crisis management

06 Oct 2014

April 2014 saw the start of the European DRIVER project: DRiving InnoVation in crisis management for European Resilience. This project focuses on the development of various innovative solutions aimed at:

  • Performance by first responders
  • Enhanced cooperation with civilians and businesses
  • Improving education, training, exercise and lessons learned

These solutions will be tested in two large-scale joint experiments and a final demonstration. One of the main deliverables of DRIVER is a crisis management test bed that member states and organisations can use to improve their own innovative power. TNO is part of the management team, contributing expertise to nearly all areas of research within the project: development of a testbed (technology and methodology), civilian resilience, technological support for first responders, training and exercising of both professionals and civilians, design of exercises and evaluations, and standardisation.

Dutch contributions and relevance

Supported by an EC contribution of € 33,4 mln euros, DRIVER is the largest European research and innovation project in crisis management. Several partners from the Netherlands are participating in DRIVER: TNO, the city of The Hague, the Safety Region Haaglanden, E-Semble, HKV – Lijn in Water and Ecorys. One of the large-scale joint experiments will take place in the Haaglanden region. By systematically sharing the experiences and insights from DRIVER, and explicitly relating these to relevant issues in the Netherlands, the initiatives of our Dutch stakeholders (at the national, regional and local levels) may be accelerated in order to increase the quality, cost-effectiveness and operational effectiveness of crisis management in the Netherlands. Together with her partners, TNO is committed to contribute to this process.

Join us!

We are happy to invite partners from practice, policy-making and research to contribute to a systematic and sustainable enhancement of crisis management in the Netherlands and other countries. Are you interested? Please contact us. For more information, see:

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