TNO researcher wins Fellow of The Electrochemical Society award

22 Sep 2014

The Electrochemical Society has appointed Prof. Dr. Fred Roozeboom (TNO Industrial Innovation) as Fellow of the Electrochemical Society for his scientific contributions to Solid-State Science & Technology and its impact on society.

The semiconductor industry is undergoing radical changes as a result of the increasingly serious limits in the ever raging miniaturization of transistor circuits in electronic processors and memories, as laid down in Moore's Law of scaling. Also the changing needs of society play a greater role, through all kinds of wireless electronics, smart sensors and actuators.
To cope with these grand challenges new technology concepts are being developed for depositing, etching and thermal treatment of ultrathin films on flat silicon substrates, but also for the integration of various 3D structures for applications in wireless communication, power management and digital signal processing.

Prof. Roozeboom has been awarded especially because of his contributions in the areas of rapid thermal processing, passive 3D and heterogeneous integration, reactive ion etching and atomic layer deposition (ALD). He will officially receive his award plaque and medal at the Plenary Session of the upcoming 226th ECS Meeting, which is scheduled for Sunday, October 5, 2014, in Cancún, Mexico.

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