Market trends and reduced government funding leads TNO to reshape the organisation

21 Oct 2015

The Executive Board of TNO has announced how the organisation would be reshaped and the impact this would have on some of the workforce. The change is the consequence of declining government funding for TNO in the period 2016-2017. The changes represent a tangible response to the portfolio choice made earlier in the year in which TNO opted to strengthen those areas of its knowledge base that are most recognised as having impact. One of the consequences of this is that a number of knowledge areas will be quickly phased out and thus cuts in personnel in those areas are unavoidable. This is contained in proposed decision that has been presented to the works council.

Top-level multidisciplinary knowledge base

The portfolio choices and the subsequent resulting organisational changes are, despite the declining government funding and lagging revenues in certain areas of the market, focused on continuing to offer Dutch society, government and industry a top-level applied knowledge base, also in the future. Several parts of the TNO organisation will be hit to one extent or other. Some of the expertise areas of our knowledge base are being fully discontinued, some will be downsized and other areas of expertise will be merged. The theme organisation, whereby TNO channels its expertise for the market, and the centralised corporate departments will downsize with the expertise areas.


The proposed changes will, unfortunately, mean an organisational contraction of 220 full-time jobs (between 1 January 2015 and 1 January 2016). Over recent months around 60% of this reduction has already been realised, for example, by not filling vacancies or not extending temporary contracts. For some 100 employees, unfortunately, their jobs will become redundant and TNO will be doing its utmost to find work for them inside or outside the organisation through an active redeployment programme.

TNO will continue to use its multidisciplinary knowledge base to pursue the five transitions contained in its strategy and offer a dynamic and flexible ’network’ organisation for the future: with an external and market focus, and with strong connections with partners in large-scale public-private partnerships, thereby helping to strengthen the innovation power of the Netherlands.


Drs. Maarten Lörtzer

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