Improving Occupational Health & Safety in developing countries

05 Nov 2015

Keeping workers healthy is crucial for a stable household income and a prosperous economy, especially in developing countries. However, in improving safe and healthy working conditions, many challenges have to be met. TNO is now offering solutions for the improvement of companies, sectors and governments in the realm of Occupational Safety and Health.

How to protect workers against occupational diseases, injuries and accidents while maintaining high productivity levels? What is needed for proper Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management in companies? What policy is needed to create compliance to international standards of OHS regulations? How can one benefit from sector-specific knowledge and solutions to improve working conditions and set up new business?

Adding to TNO's Innovation for Development Programme, TNO offers solutions to address challenges in the area of safe and health working conditions in developing countries to ensure lasting impact that business, government and society benefit from. The newly published brochure "Improving Occupational Safety and Health - an issue affecting us all" gives insight in the solutions, projects and expertise TNO has as one of the leading institutes on work and employment.

By sharing this brochure, TNO is actively exploring opportunities with partners to create value to developing countries by improving safe and healthy working conditions. Interested to learn more about TNO's well recognized knowledge on Occupational Safety and Health? Please download our brochure or contact our consultants.

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