‘Traffic in the Netherlands’ 2015; developments, facts and figures

04 Dec 2015

TrafficQuest - a cooperation between the Dutch National Road Authority (Rijkswaterstaat), TNO and Delft University of Technology - has just released the yearly publication ‘Traffic in the Netherlands’, version 2015. The publication discusses developments, trends, innovations, research and pilots in traffic management.

Traffic in the Netherlands 2015

Just released: the edition of 2015, which describes developments in traffic and gives updates of several traffic statistics. Also, innovations in the area of traffic management are discussed, as well as relevant (academic) research and on-going and recently finished pilots.

'Traffic in the Netherlands' 2015 edition states among other things that, after several years with decreasing congestion, traffic is experiencing increasing delays again, mainly as a result of incidents. Fortunately road safety is improved; besides the number of deaths also the number of casualties has decreased

Due to the fact that the population in the cities is on the rise, the traffic in large cities increased substantially in the last few decades. How do cities handle this? What do trends like big data, connected and automated driving mean for (urban) traffic management? The publication answers these questions and concludes with the major research themes of the moment.

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The complete document can be downloaded from the TrafficQuest website:


TrafficQuest is the centre for expertise on traffic management, a cooperation between the Dutch National Road Authority (Rijkswaterstaat), TNO and Delft University of Technology. TrafficQuest bundles and disseminates knowledge about traffic management, C-ITS and automated driving in reports, articles and advices, and since 2014 also in the publication ‘Traffic in the Netherlands’.


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