TNO and DAF demonstrate Truck platooning during AW15

EcoTwin: A step further in cooperative driving with trucks • 20 Mar 2015

During the Automotive Week on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 in Helmond, TNO and DAF give a demonstration of EcoTwin. Two cooperative driving trucks drive on short distance from each other. Unique in this demonstration is that the driver of the second truck has no steering task; the throttle, brakes and steering, all goes automatically.

The EcoTwin demonstration is part of a five-year program. This program offers even more efficient, more economical, cleaner and safer road transport in the future. With truck platooning trucks drive cooperative on short distance (less than 1 second) from each other based on the technology of automated driving. The objective is to enable Truck platooning on public roads before 2020. In addition to technology and safety the attention in this program in the coming years will be given to regulatory, logistical integration and acceptance.


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