Clean Label Anti-microbial Ingredients: How to Find Them?

07 Apr 2015

Many consumers expect natural, yet safe and convenient, processed foods. Mother Nature, however, is not always so amenable. At he 2nd annual Clean Label Conference featured speaker, Frank Schuren, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Microbiology, TNO Microbiology & Systems Biology, presented “Clean Label Anti-microbial Ingredients: How to Find Them?”

In his presentation Frank Schuren showed that with the strong and on-going consumer trend towards more “natural” products, replacing chemical preservatives and sodium with natural anti-microbials is a highly preferable way of cleaning up labels. Ideally, such natural anti-microbials should be derived from natural compounds already in use in food production. This presentation shows an emerging method to screen natural components for synergistic effects on growth-inhibiting effects against microorganisms using state-of-the art molecular detection methods. Results of a demonstrator study on herbs and spices using this screening method is shared during the presentation.

“During the well-organized conference we’ve learned that clean labeling is a huge trend within the US food industry. US producers are struggling with solving technological issues like their European colleagues. As an independent contract research organization TNO can be of service to overcome these challenges without compromising to their product quality and shelf-life", says Joost Blankestijn Business Developer at TNO. He joined the conference in Chicago as well. “Besides the interesting conference program there were many networking events during the two days. We’ve enjoyed the discussions with many US researchers and are looking forward to be of service to the US based companies.”

Clean Label Conference

Formulating packaged consumer foods and beverages with consumer- and export-friendly ingredients is a global trend. Global Food Forums, Inc.’s 2015 Clean Label Conference was a unique, in-person product development event focusing on providing practical, how-to formulation advice to R&D and applied product development specialists working in this arena. The 2nd annual Clean Label Conference offered general session speakers providing practical, non-commercial advice to R&D/food scientists and others working on consumer- and export-friendly, simple-labeled foods and beverages.

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