Taka Taka Challenge

Entrepreneurial contest to turn waste in profit in Kenya • 20 Apr 2015

The Taka Taka Challenge invites entrepreneurs, experts and professionals from around the world to co-create winning solutions that make profit from waste. A special business plan challenge is launched on Thursday April 9 in Kisumu city, Kenya. The Taka Taka Challenge is an initiative of the Dutch Social Business Incubator in collaboration with technology partner TNO.

Currently only 20% of all the waste in Kisumu is collected. Most of Kisumu’s waste ends up on the streets and in the environment. The situation in Kisumu is urgent: plastic is blocking sewers and waste has a negative effect on people’s health. Waste can also create new chances for entrepreneurs. Existing businesses worldwide have proven that waste can be converted to valuable resources for energy, agricultural resources and raw materials.

Proven technologies show that waste can be converted to valuable resources. Currently 60% of the waste stream produced in Kisumu is organic waste; a great resource for producing biogas, recapturing nutrients, producing compost and animal foods. The plastics (10%) can be directly sold, or as a resource for new products. Connecting the dots between households, collectors and processors is also a field awaiting more entrepreneurs!

The Challenge

Until May 18th, participants can share their ideas on making business from waste on During the challenge, idea-owners receive coaching and support from experts and professionals to develop their idea into a business plan. The most promising ideas are rewarded by a jury with a cash prize purse of 5,000 EUR. To support  participating entrepreneurs, winning ideas have a chance to pitch and partner up with the Social Business Incubator to turn the idea into a start-up (with a business development value up to 100,000 EUR).

The official kick off of the challenge took place on Thursday 9th of April at the Manyatta Community Center in Kisumu. During the kick off, first brainstorms were held among experts, students and entrepreneurs. The coming weeks more brainstorms will be organized within Kenyan universities and waste associations.

Join the Taka Taka Challenge!

Find more information, sign up and share your business ideas on Winners of the Taka Taka Challenge get the opportunity to present to the board of the Social Business Incubator. In case concepts are considered feasible and have enough potential, the SBI would like to team up to turn ideas into start-ups.

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