TNO in 2014: positive result and a higher customer rating

01 Apr 2015

TNO brought 2014 to a successful close with the conclusion that the impact of our work on both customers and society is both positive and well appreciated. Moreover, the year also ended positively in a financial sense. Compared with the previous year, this shift coincides with the start of the new strategic period 2015-2018 in which the focus lies on working more in partnerships and on larger innovation assignments.

A customer survey reveals that the results of our 6,000 or so projects and programmes in 2014, some of which are highlighted in the Annual Report, received a positive stakeholder rating. Customer satisfaction rose to 4.2 on a five-point scale. Of the 20 TNO expertise groups surveyed, independent audits showed that 12 of these are internationally leading.


For 2014 the Board of Management set the target of turning the negative financial trend of 2013 into a positive result. The TNO Organisation, including its consolidated group companies, ended 2014 with a positive result of 8.8 million euros. The gradual reduction of government funding and the falling revenues from industry and government were compensated by a package of modifications geared to reducing the level of costs and boosting effectiveness and efficiency. This inevitably led to the number of employees at TNO being cut in 2014 by met 8% to 3009. A partial release of reorganisation provisions and lower pension costs were booked in the accounts as incidental.

Start of strategy period 2015-2018: societal transitions

On 1 September 2014 the new organisation structure and approach that focuses on the five transitions formally began. By investigating existing processes, a huge effort was made to further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation and to get ready for the new strategy period 2015-2018. As part of the new strategy period TNO will be concentrating more on public private partnerships.

In matters of interpretation the Dutch text will prevail over the digital English version of this report.

Annual Report

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