TNO research partner for Habit, a pioneer in personalized nutrition

26 Oct 2016

As leading European independent research organization, TNO is supporting the science behind Habit, a pioneering personalized nutrition company. Habit’s unique approach offers consumers a holistic & individualized nutrition solution, From Test to Table TM, created for anyone who wants to be their best through the transformative power of personalized food.

Habit’s proprietary approach to personalized nutrition is based on the individual, at a cellular level, unlike generic one-size-fits-all eating fads. Habit provides an at-home test kit that is used by an outside laboratory to measure over 60 different biomarkers, which include nutrition-related blood markers, how these markers change in response to a proprietary metabolic challenge beverage, and genetic variations within DNA. Habit also uses self-reported body metric data including the individual’s body weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure as well as health goals. Habit’s proprietary and patent pending approach, including the Nutrition Intelligence Engine, then synthesizes these data to determine the foods and nutrients that are best for an individual. Certified coaches will be on hand to help people meet their goals through tailored plans, while a team of chefs cook up custom meals, delivered straight to the customer’s door.

TNO has a global leading position in the field of Systems Biology which has opened up incredible possibilities for new consumer offerings. TNO's scientific expertise, along with our technological and data-infrastructure, offer a robust and reliable foundation for the new personalized nutrition market. Habit recognized TNO's cutting-edge position in early 2015 and has built upon TNO's dynamic health platform as a foundation for it’s offering. The use of a short-term metabolic challenge test, pioneered by TNO, is foundational to understanding one’s metabolism, and has become essential to the scientific approach Habit takes.

Neil Grimmer, founder and CEO Habit

TNO's principal scientist of Systems Biology, Dr. Ben van Ommen, is excited about this Transatlantic collaboration with the Habit team, based in Oakland, CA. "The intensive contacts and frequent visits are very inspiring and there's a high level of mutual respect for the science and commercial drive of the parties. We have a strong confidence in the Founder and CEO, Neil Grimmer, to make Habit a great success in meeting a need for health-conscious consumers. Their strong expertise in food, technology and science creates the added value that other start-ups in this domain usually are lacking.” Habit and TNO have an exclusive partnership in the area of personalized nutrition.

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