news has given a future to children and youth

15 Dec 2016

Together with War Child, Child Helpline International and Free Press Unlimited, over the past five years TNO has been committed to giving a future to children and youth in fragile states. The programme subsidised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now finished. The Ministry concludes that the goals have been achieved for the main part.

Since 2011 partners are using creative and innovative methods to increase quality and reach of child protection, education, psychosocial support, and child participation. The programme is geared to children and youth in Uganda, Burundi, Sudan, South Sudan and Colombia. After five years of work the programme has been evaluated. The educational projects have led to better trained teachers and school management, improved access to digital means of learning, a lower school dropout rate and a better realisation among parents of the importance of an education for their children. In respect of protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse, the efforts of the alliance have resulted in less violation of rights for children, better functioning help lines in four of the five programme countries and a better organisation for child mistreatment cases through the establishment of reference systems in village communities. In terms of psychosocial assistance, the programme has helped to improve the relationship between children and parents, children to become more mature and to improve their wellbeing in the family, local community and society.

Role of TNO

During the five years of the programme TNO personnel were engaged from different disciplines, including education and care. The Ministry cited the E-Learning Sudan project as the most successful and innovative approach. The expertise of TNO in the area of education and applied gaming was crucial to this. A further rollout of the e-learning project in Sudan and among refugee children in the Middle East is now happening in the Can’t Wait to Learn project in which TNO is also closely involved.


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