ECN brings thermochemical aromatics production to Biorizon

01 Dec 2016

TNO, VITO and ECN signed an agreement to collaborate in the Shared Research Center Biorizon. Biorizon, an initiative of VITO, Green Chemistry Campus and TNO, works with partners to develop technologies to produce aromatics from organic waste, which will reduce dependence on petroleum and result in less CO2 emission. ECN incorporates its thermochemical research on the production of bio-aromatics within Biorizon.

Arnold Stokking (TNO), Walter Eevers (VITO) and Martin Scheepers (ECN) sign the agreement during the Biorizon annual event

Aromatics are one of the main building blocks for the chemical industry. By replacing fossil resources with biomass, Biorizon makes a significant contribution to the emergence of a sustainable, circular economy. Now that ECN has joined the Shared Research Center Biorizon, the entire research area for the development of bio-aromatics is covered.

The Press Release and more information about Biorizon can be found at their website.


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