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25 Mar 2016

Globally, many products and services are developed to serve people with lowest incomes in developing countries. Engineering for Change made a solutions library which gives an excellent overview of the state of affairs. TNO contributed at the basis of the framework.

Are you a designer or practitioner trying to understand what products and services are ready to be used to meet the needs of underserved communities? Search, compare and contribute solutions in the growing catalog. Explore performance data, implementation and purchasing options — all in one place.  Register here to discover over 200 solutions for basic needs. The solutions library is an open source archive of over 200 technology solutions from around the world that can be replicated and adapted across regions. The products are categorized in 8 topics: Energy, Agriculture, Health, Water, Sanitation, Housing, Transport and Info Systems.


Engineering for Change (E4C) is a community that believes engineering can change the world. The hybrid organization headquarters in the US and has many member engineers around the world. They have three integrated arms: an online academy, innovation lab, and a media platform. E4C’s mission is to improve the lives of underserved communities by better preparing the global development workforce, optimizing the solutions development cycle, and ensuring public health and safety.

Bench mark and innovation

Many innovators and product developers approach TNO to check their ideas and ask for co-development. We always start with a benchmark of existing products. This new solution library is very helpful for TNO and her clients. In an early stage TNO collaborated with E4D in the set-up of the library; we created structured overviews of the ecosystems surrounding those products, identifying emerging trends in the market, the R&D landscape and in the policy domain. Bringing together information from these different angles, allows users to quickly get a deep understanding of the state of the art in the sector, and come up with even better solutions. But we still see niches in the portfolio and we work on new innovations that will fill these gaps.

Register here to discover over 200 solutions for basic needs

Register here

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