TNO introduces real time interactive mobile sports app

14 Mar 2016

TNO has announced the release of the first real time interactive mobile sports application: a scalable solution to stream interactive UHD video to millions of sports enthused consumers that offers them a new kind of TV viewing experience on their tablet, smartphone and smart TV.

Initiated as part of a project in collaboration with the BBC five years ago, where we began to test and develop interactive High Definition (HD) and optical zoom formats, to create interactive live-streaming of sports events. With a successful trial at the Commonwealth Games in conjunction with the UK’s public broadcaster, this technology is now available for training and matches at other sports competitions.

Real time data

By giving each athlete a wearable tracking device, this technology allows the consumer to watch and track the speed of each athlete’s heartbeat based on real-time data.

In the United States this wearable tracking device is already in use. The 2015 NFL season for example kicked off with all 1,696 players fitted with a set of RFID chips capable of sending back stats on position, pace, distance travelled and acceleration in real time.

Meanwhile, the team over at tech blog Wareable have predicted that in 2016, the TV networks will catch up to the entrepreneurs driving innovation in this space – and to the consumers who believe the more interactivity the better.

As arguably the most sports mad country on Earth, home to some of the most prestigious and famous competitions, the US is well-poised to see the greatest leaps forward in interactive live sports viewing and engagement technology.

Watch and interact with your favorite sports

TNO does research on this front, trialing our groundbreaking solutions with premier football leagues here in the Netherlands. We are now on the hunt for real world applications on the global stage, which is why we have joined the Dutch Media Innovators consortium along with six other digital media and tech organizations.

Integrating seamlessly with this emerging technology, and combining this with our interactive media research, there is now a scalable solution to stream interactive UHD (4K or higher resolution) video to millions of users. TNO has developed a tiled streaming ability that allows for an immersive interactive Ultra HD experience, for existing devices like tablets, smartphones and smart TV’s even without a 4k screen or special content servers.

Researchers at Griffith University in Australia estimate that by the time the Gold Coast hosts the 2018 Commonwealth Games, athletes and consumers may have access to up to 30 times the wearable technology products available today.

We forecast this technology to be a game-changer in the way we watch and interact with our favorite sports, with endless opportunities to involve viewers more meaningfully in the on-screen events.

TNO will be kicking off its two-year US collaboration project at the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, TX, this March.

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