Join the evidence-based fibre reformulation project

25 Apr 2016

TNO and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research are looking for industrial partners to join a research project to develop tasty food products with increased dietary fibre content and evidence based health effects.

The general recommended daily intake of dietary fibre is 30g. Most people do not reach this level. To increase the dietary fibre intake new products are needed. However, it is a major challenge for product developers to increase dietary fibres while maintaining a positive taste and texture. Dietary fibre have many health promoting activities that depend on their molecular structure. They contribute to the reduction of food related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer. Already more than 20 health claims for different fibres and different health aspects have been approved by EFSA.

Better food enrich products

Consumers will increase their daily fibre intake when food manufacturers create more and better fibre rich products and can promote them based on their healthy composition. This project (public private partnership) enables the food industry to develop better fibre rich products and has two main objectives:
1. Developing a technological toolbox that:
a. support in solving technological difficulties in product development (food technology);
b. study and classify fibres based on their health effect (health analysis);
c. enable strategy development on how to position products in the market (consumer science);
d. help in building novel food dossiers.

2. Creating an industry platform for efficient collaboration to improve the communication by sharing goals and insights between providers and appliers. The platform will lead to more activities in this area and faster creation of results.

Looking for partners

TNO and Food & Biobased Research are looking for providers and applicants of dietary fibres from the food industry to start a consortium for developing this technological portfolio. More information on the project can be asked at TNO or Food & Biobased Research (WUR).

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